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TBA is a green venue
Environmental policy

Projecting the environment is vital for the conservation of the planet’s natural resources. TBA recognizes its responsibility in trying consistently to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do. As a green venue, TBA encourages a joint continuing effort amongst guest artists and the Theater’s team to adopt a sustainable behavior in the Theatre’s daily routine. The actions described below are simple yet essential for a transversal change in the way we work.


Energy consumption

  • Lighting – Please never let the lights on in unoccupied areas, such as halls, dressing rooms, and others. All non-scenic areas of TBA use LED technology; scenic areas’ light is progressively transitioning to LED technology.
  • Electric appliances – Please always switch off any electric appliances and avoid use standby mode.
  • Rehearsals and works in the main auditorium – During break hour (lunch or dinner), whenever the stage management and technical team are absent, TBA will provide generic light, save for exceptional cases.
  • Shower – Please avoid taking long showers.



Reducing and recycling

  • Water consumption – Instead of consuming bottled water, we suggest drinking tap water. You can find cups and bottles in the dressing room. We also provide reusable drinking flasks and two filtered tap water sources on the backstage area.
  • Waste recycling – There are waste management recycling bins in the dressing room, on stage and in all public areas. Please use the bin for glass, paper and cardboard, plastic and cans, and organic waste accordingly.
  • Scenic waste and electronic appliances – When possible, please re-use or recycle any waste.
  • Fabric hand towels – At TBA, we use fabric towels in place of paper hand towels in all backstage WC.
  • Sustainably produced brochures – All brochures and posters are produced using green technologies, recycled or FSC-certified papers and reduced colour schemes.


Transportation and travelling

  • Zero Km: we suggest the acquisition of locally produced items within a close range of transportation – TBA’s technical and production teams can provide a list of local service providers, such as caterers, technical suppliers, etc.
  • Transfer services efficiency – TBA suggests that artistic teams try scheduling arrivals and departures in group, hence diminishing the number of transfers necessary.


TBA is a green venue
Environmental policy

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