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18 June
Tim Etchells / Jim Fletcher / Chris Thorpe

We are the King of Ventilators (Delirium Loop)

Performing Arts
Digital Programme

18 June

Thursday 18th June 7.30PM
Livestreaming on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TBA's website

Performing Arts
Digital Programme
Length 60 min

Age restriction:


Directed by Tim Etchells
Text by Chris Thorpe
Performed by Jim Fletcher
Commissioned both as part of the ENTER program by the Onassis Foundation and developed for Forest Fringe TV with the support of Teatro do Bairro Alto, Cambridge Junction and Colchester Arts Centre
Post-Production video: Hugo Glendinning
We are the King of Ventilators is produced by Forced Entertainment

We are the King of Ventilators (Delirium Loop) is a compelling and prescient live streamed performance by Jim Fletcher, directed by Tim Etchells, with text by Chris Thorpe. The work takes a phrase about US ventilator production repeated by US President Donald Trump during the coronavirus epidemic, and places it in sharp counterpoint with original material to create a comical and unsettling reflection on power, mortality and delusion. In this second phase of the project Etchells and Fletcher experiment with repetition and music, in the process spinning Thorpe’s text into multiple contradictory versions — sometimes bombastic and rhetorical, sometimes intimate, sometimes unstable and decayed.



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