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09 - 31 March
Miguel Carvalhais e Pedro Tudela


Digital Programme

09 - 31 March

Sound piece: Miguel Carvalhais e Pedro Tudela
Sound edition Pedro Gancho
Music: Raw Forest
Production: Teatro do Bairro Alto

The collaborative work between Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais has been developed across two complementary fronts: the first dedicated to musical composition and performance, and the second focussed on the creation of sound installations. These installations appropriate spaces that are transformed into stages, but also into musical instruments and agents of aesthetic experience.

This new piece, entitled VOC(x), was created for the foyer of the Teatro de Bairro Alto, where it should have been installed in April 2020. In this episode of the podcast Dito e Feito, we listen to a mixture that uses the sounds and system of the piece. This version presents an excerpt of VOC(x), an articulation between the many possibilities of this piece and a simulation of a possible visit to this space, for now only virtually.

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