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01 - 02 April
Alex Baczynski-Jenkins

Untitled (Holding Horizon)

12 eur
Performing Arts

01 - 02 April

saturday and sunday
5.30pm til 8.30pm

Durational performance in which the public sits on the floor and on cushioned platforms, being able to come and go as they please.

Performing Arts
Price 12 eur
Main Auditorium
Length 3h

Age restriction:

To be age rated by CCE

Alex Baczyński-Jenkins
In collaboration and with interpretation
Aaa Biczysko, Ewa Dziarnowska, Rafał Pierzyński, Ronald Berger e Sigrid Stigsdatter
Developed with
Aaa Biczysko, Ewa Dziarnowska, Rafał Pierzyński, Sigrid Stigsdatter e Tiran Normanson
Created within the scope of residence
Kem at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art
Producing Direction 2018
Ola Knychalska
Live light and sound
Krzysztof Bagiński
Sound research
Jana Androsova, Krzysztof Bagiński, Tobias Koch e Filip Lech
Costume consultancy
Rafał Domagła
Commissioned for
2018 Frieze Artist Award, in partnership with Delfina Foundation, within the scope of the Projetos Frieze, curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt
A production by
Alex Baczyński–Jenkins Studio
ABJ Studio Direction (research and producing)
Andrea Rodrigo
ABJ Studio Management
Sarie Nijboer
Something Great

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In the near darkness of an ephemeral club, five bodies oscillate between the power of the collective and minimalist intimacy exploring subjectivity, disorientation, queer embodiment and desire. Untitled (Holding Horizon) draws inspiration from the box step, a movement used in several social dances, in order to create a subtle and captivating choreography.

“I see sharing pleasure in dancing and moving together as itself a queer mode of affective resistance. And for sure this piece touches on the experience of the queer dance floor as a place that can invoke a safe space within a hostile environment. This pleasure and politics can be contained within a single gesture of the hands—the longing, playful wrists. In the club, this gesture is a way of sending out a sign, a mode of queer communication and self-enactment.”

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, Mousse Magazine, june 2019

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