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03 February
Suely Rolnik

There is something irreversible in the air: notes to decolonize the unconscious

Free Entrance
Digital Programme

03 February

wed february 3rd 6pm

At TBA Zoom Room

Digital Programme
Price Free Entrance
TBA Zoom Room
Length 2h

Psychoanalyst, art and culture critic and curator, Suely Rolnik is Head Professor at the PUC University in São Paulo , founder and ex-coordinator of the Centre for Studies and Research on Subjectivity, which is part of the post-graduate programme in Clinical Psychology of the same university.

At TBA Zoom Rom:

As Paul B. Preciado wrote about Suely Rolnik, the undulation and velvety softness of her thinking, her contagious laugh, her lack of shame and fear have allowed her to enter into the most obscure layers of contemporary fascism. As such, she guides us through the places that most terrorize us to extract something with which to build a horizon of collective life, an artist whose material is her drive.

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