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30 October
Sara Goulart



30 October

saturday 30 october 5pm

Session with Portuguese sign language interpretation

Price 5€
Stage of the Main Auditorium
Length 50 min.

Age restriction:


Conception, text and artistic direction Sara Goulart
Choreographic support Ana Rita Teodoro
Sound design Fernando Ramalho
Audiovisual scenography Luísa Homem
Light design Zé Rui
Production Ana Lobato
Communication Marta Rema
Graphic design Ana Teresa Ascensão
Photography João Almeida
Organization efabula
Supports Devir/Capa, Buala, Terratreme, cem – centro em movimento
Teatro do Bairro Alto
Project funded by Direção-Geral das Artes / República Portuguesa – Cultura
Photography João Almeida

“Sarar is about a place of vulnerability where we may all find ourselves one day. The body produces a disease and the disease produces a new body. Healing also produces a body. From body to body, the world keeps turning. How does one organise life when illness walks through our front door?”

Sarar is a lecture performance reporting the radical experience of the body in disease and in cure. Healing is intimate and public, private and collective, tells about trauma and the unexpected. In Sarar, the text invites gesture, video, sound and light to explore the new states and rhythms of the body and unveil the invisible.


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