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27 - 29 January
auéééu and Fernando Roussado

s/ título #8

12 eur.
Performing Arts

27 - 29 January

Friday through Saturday 7.30pm
Sunday 5.30pm

28 January 7.30pm
Audiodescription available

Performing Arts
Price 12 eur.
Included in Passe Cultura
Main Auditorium
Length 1h45

Age restriction:


Created by
auéééu and Fernando Roussado
Fernando Roussado, Filipe Velez, Frederico Barata, Joana Manaças, João Luís Silva and Miguel Cunha
Fernando Roussado
Creation assistance 
Statt Miller, Sérgio Coragem and Beatriz Brás
Light design
Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
Statt Miller
David Antunes and Francisco Luís Parreira (Inúteis Conversas)
Executive Producers
Joana Manaças and Miguel Cunha
Coproduced by
Teatro do Bairro Alto, O Espaço do Tempo, Teatro das Figuras
O Espaço do Tempo e Materiais Diversos
With support from
República Portuguesa / Ministério da Cultura – Direção-Geral das Artes, Livraria Ferin
Carlos Silva, Hernani Luzio, Tavares, Mármores Rosal, Filstone
Joana Linda
Audiodescription at Teatro do Bairro Alto

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A limestone sphere weighing half a tonne, five auéééu actors, sculptor Fernando Roussado, quinces that come from Víctor Erice, blocks of time and other eye-catching stuff: this show ventures the encounter and interference between the space of sculpture and the body of theatre. The audience will know as much as those on stage. Or almost. Principles of rationality, certainty and achievement are challenged; control, hierarchy and hegemony are countered; the game is about turning our back on what was just created and go on searching, claiming the freedom of risk and of the abyss.

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