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04 - 05 June
Bernardo Chatillon

Reindeer Age #0

Performing Arts

04 - 05 June

04 - 05 June
friday and saturday 7pm

Performing Arts
Price 12€
<25 years old: 5€
Main Auditorium
Length 45 min.

Age restriction:


Concept and choreography  Bernardo Chatillon
Performers Bernardo Chatillon, Matthieu Ehrlacher e Marc Lohr
Music Marc Lohr
Ligh Design and Scene André Uerba
Assistance to dramaturgy Mariana Nobre Vieira
Technical Coorditation Carlos Ramos
Suport to creation Self-Mistake (ORG.I.A) e HZT Berlin (SODA)
Suport to product Mafalda Miranda Jacinto (Rabbit Hole)
Residence Trust Colective

Presentation with Centro Cultural de Belém


Part of PT.21

From poetry to artifice, from the magic object to occult systems, from harmless entertainment to domination, Reindeer Age #0 investigates exactly what delights us today. As we enter into this age, we are welcomed by the notion of a beginning, where everything first started, showing us what lies behind the curtains. And you have to be very specific: it’s about becoming a vehicle, a receiver or an intermediary for materialising an intuition. History does not give me the freedom to act, I am inserted in linear time and in the logic of events. But time is not always linear. Dante descended into hell. I’m going to the Reindeer Age to find what I thought was separate.

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