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13 March
João Abreu e Álvaro Domingues

Reading Practices: Museu da Paisagem convida Álvaro Domingues

Free Entry
Reading Practices

13 March

sunday 4pm

Reading Practices
Price Free Entry (limited to the capacity) upon prior survey of a ticket (maximum 2 per person) at the ticket office on the same day from 3 pm
Sala Manuela Porto
Length 2h

Access conditions

  • There might be temperature measurement without registration when entering the space.
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask inside the building before, during and after the sessions
  • Disinfect hands and adopt proper respiratory hygiene
  • Keep a safe distance and avoid crowding people
  • Bring your ticket from home or, if you really need to buy the ticket at TBA, choose contactless payment by debit card or MBway.
  • At entrances and exits, follow the recommendations of the TBA team
  • It is not possible to change place after its indication by the Front of House staff

In this new in-person meeting of Reading Practices with the presence of the Museu da Paisagem (Landscape Museum) team and geographer Álvaro Domingues, the meaning of the word reading extends into territory and landscape. There are many paths that open in the wake of the challenge of a Landscape Museum, leading its achievement to be as fascinating as it is disquieting. The simple intersection of the words “landscape” and “museum” is enough to unleash a complex web of thoughts, relationships and contradictions.

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