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22 June - 31 July
Miguel Castro Caldas


Digital Programme

22 June - 31 July

written by Miguel Castro Caldas
performed by Ana Ribeiro
sound editing by Sara Morais
original Dito e Feito soundscape by Raw Forest
produced by Teatro do Bairro Alto

Quarantatre is a text about distances. The distance of a jump, social distance, the distance between two points, of seeing, of hearing, of strange distance, the absence of distance, far and near. The distance between said and done. Between reading and the text. The shortest distance to create theatre. Figaro begins an opera measuring distances in feet. Cinque, dieci, venti, trenta, trentasei, quarantatré.

Written by Miguel Castro Caldas and performed by Ana Ribeiro, Quarantatre is a creation commissioned by the TBA for the Dito e Feito podcast.

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