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01 November
Maddy Costa / Andy Field

Performance in an Age of Precarity

Histories of Experimentalism
Digital Programme

01 November

monday 1 november 6pm

TBA Zoom Room and streaming available in the same da at
In English without translation

Digital Programme Histories of Experimentalism
TBA Zoom Room
Length 2h

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Continuing the proposal of revealing unique studies about key-moments of experimentalism in the performing arts between the 1960’s and today, this series is structured transnationally and encompasses various contexts, seeking to question dramaturgic and aesthetic contaminations. In this scope, the TBA Zoom room will host three conferences where the present and the past are articulated together, either through the re-enactment of a performance that is a historic milestone of Yugoslavian experimentalism, presented by Janez Jansa through a revisitation of his work reassembling Pupilija, papa Pupilčki and the Pupilceks, originally from 1969 and reconstructed in 2006; or through the mapping of contemporary experimental British creation in the midst of precariousness, presented by Maddy Costa and Andy Field in their work Performance in an Age of Precarity.

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