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03 - 05 June
Antonin Artaud / Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro, Jenna Thiam e Surma

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03 - 05 June

friday and saturday 7.30pm
saturday 5pm

Audiodescription available on Sunday June 5th 5pm

Price 12€
under 25 years old: 5€
Main Auditorium
Length 90min

Age restriction:


Creation and interpretation Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro, Jenna Thiam and Surma
Translation Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro and Jenna Thiam
Added texts Jenna Thiam
Sound Design and Operation Moritz Kerschbaumer
Scenography and costumes Bruno Bogarim
Production Leonardo Garibaldi
Co-production Teatro do Bairro Alto and O Espaço do Tempo Creation Scholarship with the support of “la Caixa” Foundation – BPI
Part of the Festival Temps d’images

Access conditions

  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask inside the building before, during and after the sessions
  • Disinfect hands and adopt proper respiratory hygiene
  • Keep a safe distance and avoid crowding people
  • Bring your ticket from home or, if you really need to buy the ticket at TBA, choose contactless payment by debit card or MBway.
  • At entrances and exits, follow the recommendations of the TBA team

To Have Done with the Judgement of God is Antonin Artaud’s testament piece. This radio poem was censored on the eve of its broadcast in February 1948. Feeling betrayed and misunderstood, Artaud died a month later. The cursed poet is now seen as an uncontested genius: a spectre hovering over those who wish to make and transcend theatre today.
In this show, both a radio broadcast and a sensory experience, we want to respond to Artaud: loving the poet and rebelling against him, we will recreate To Have Done with the Judgement of God while having done with our notion of genius and masterpiece. As he himself wrote: “Masterpieces of the past are good for the past: they are not good for us. We have the right to say what has been said and even what has not been said in a way that belongs to us, a way that is immediate and direct, corresponding to present modes of feeling, and understandable to everyone.” 


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