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15 April

Odete + Ece Canli


15 April

Friday 7.30PM

Price 12€
Under 25 years old 5€
Main Auditorium
Length 60min

Age restriction:


created by Odete, Ece Canli
coproduced by Teatro do Bairro Alto, gnration and Tremor

Access conditions

  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask inside the building before, during and after the sessions
  • Disinfect hands and adopt proper respiratory hygiene
  • Keep a safe distance and avoid crowding people
  • Bring your ticket from home or, if you really need to buy the ticket at TBA, choose contactless payment by debit card or MBway.
  • At entrances and exits, follow the recommendations of the TBA team

“The human has been traveling for miles, crossing dried rivers and silent forests, never quite finding any trace of what they were after. They were searching for technology hidden amidst reality – technology built in similitude to organic matter, hidden in the disguise of nature. Technology so phenomenal that those who created it knew that it had to be kept, in a way, secret. Yet, there were several things that were found lately: trees that whimper, stones that teleport, plants that gossip, fire that doesn’t burn, water that doesn’t run. Now, they were looking for the oracle.”

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