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14 - 18 December
Mónica Calle

O Lugar do Meio-Dia

Caminho para a Meia-Noite

14 - 18 December

14 to 18 december
tuesday until saturday 7.30pm

Price 12€
< 25 years: 5€

Full ticket Caminho para a Meia-Noite 9€ + 9€

Stage of the Main Auditorium
Length 2h

Age restriction:

To be age rated by CCE

Direction, interpretation  Mónica Calle
Text from Poe or the Raven by Fiama Hasse Pais Brandão
Co-authoring and interpretation Mónica Garnel and Inês Vaz
Interpretation three names to be announced
Light Design Daniel Worm

Scenography Nadir Bonaccorso
Production Management Sérgio Azevedo
Executive Production Sandra Cardoso
Production Casa Conveniente/Zona Não Vigiada
 Co-production Teatro do Bairro Alto
Artistic residency Comedias do Minho
Photography Alipio Padilha

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In this diptych, Mónica Calle returns to a text-based work, to the plays of Fiama Hasse Pais Brandão, and to Teatro do Bairro Alto (where she performed for the first time as a professional). A return that is simultaneously a departure: the three actresses go on foot on a 26-day pilgrimage, from the Lisbon Cathedral to Santiago de Compostela. A journey of faith that will take them to the making of this project, a reflection on identity and representation where the History of Theatre, archetypical transmutant characters and real characters are mixed.

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