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06 - 15 December
Alex Cassal

Morrer no Teatro


06 - 15 December

6, 7, 10 December 2019
Friday, Saturday and Tuesday 7.00PM

8 December 2019
Sunday 5.30PM

11 - 14 December 2019
From Wednesday until Saturday 9:30PM

15 December 2019
Sunday 8:00PM

Price 12€
< 25 years old: 5€
Double: Turma de 95 9€ + Morrer no Teatro 9€

Stage of the Main Auditorium
Length 90 min.

Age restriction:


Conceptualizing the “end of the world” in order to reflect on death and theatre is the premise of Morrer no Teatro (Dying in the Theatre) by playwright and director Alex Cassal. On stage, an actor, an audience and a story between these two extremes. Setting off from the imaginary of disaster-movies – an isolated group of survivors that need to build a new model for society – the actor narrates the future awaiting us if we become trapped here, in this room.

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