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05 - 06 February
curated by Lola Arias

Mis Documentos

Performing Arts

05 - 06 February

wed 5th February 9:30pm and thu 6th February 7pm
Program 1: Marta Mateus / Pedro Penim

fri 7th February and sat 8th February 9:30pm
Program 2: Filipe Pereira / Tálata Rodríguez

Performing Arts
Price 12€
<25 years old: 5€
Programs 1 & 2: 9€ + 9€

Main Auditorium
Length 45 min + 45 min

Age restriction:


Mis Documentos is a series of performance-conferences in which artists from different disciplinary backgrounds present personal research, a radical experience, a story that secretly obsesses them. It has a minimal format: the artists are present with their documents, making visible what is often lost in a nameless folder on the computer. Having taken place in Buenos Aires between 2012 and 2017, now is the time for the Portuguese version, which continues to be curated by Lola Arias.

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