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13 July - 31 August
Sílvia Pinto Coelho

Maratona de Procrastinação (noutros termos): Episode #2 – Márcia Lança + João Fiadeiro


13 July - 31 August

Length 1h10

interviews conducted by Sílvia Pinto Coelho with Márcia Lança and João Fiadeiro
video and sound recorded by Sara Morais
video edited by Sara Morais e Pedro Gancho
produced by ORG.I.A.
executive producer Marta Moreira
coproduced Teatro do Bairro Alto
support by ICNOVA, FCSH

The Procrastination Marathon, scheduled to take place on the seventh of June, at the Jardim Botânico de Lisboa, was postponed… Or, is this precisely what it is: something that begins as soon as it is announced, and which is indefinitely delayed. Could this be a part of the procrastination project? If so, a marathon only underlines what already exists, but disguised as numerous plans for accomplishment. So, are they plans for postponing, or for procrastinating? If for “covidic” reasons confinement is prolonged, the meeting is reflective, in lieu of providing a real life gathering. Eight interviews about the power of these encounters were proposed and are now available on the TBA website. In place of a procrastination marathon we have access to concrete discourses, approaching encounters that are difficult to describe. What is improvising? Conversing? Playing? Finding relationships, connections, nexuses? Positioning ourselves? Knowing how to perpetuate the place of not knowing?

These interviews conducted by performer and researcher Sílvia Pinto Coelho focus on the role that procrastination can have on creative processes. Slowing down creation and research can be a way of recognizing that the act of delaying, of making things last, can lead to a fertile process of inventing the unknown. Improvisors and artists from the fields of dance and performance talk about their methodologies and ideas in this reformed version of Procrastination Marathon.

Márcia Lança and João Fiadeiro are artists who develop ways of being on stage, in exploration and in Real Time Composition, in their own unique way. Here they lead us through various paths, in a conversation, waxing as if we were going to continue, continue, continue… “What made us a collective was an exercise of trust and surrender to the unknown, to a type of abyss, an emptiness into which we entered.” (ML).


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