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18 - 22 September
Victor de Oliveira


Performing Arts

18 - 22 September

18 to 22 September (except on Monday)
Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7.30PM
Sunday 5PM

19 September 5PM
Session with interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language
Contrary to what was announced, audio description is not available in this session. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Performing Arts
Price 12€
Under 25 years old: 5€
Main Auditorium
Length 80 mins.

Age restriction:


Conception, text and interpretation Victor de Oliveira
Music and sound operation Ailton Matavela (TRKZ)
Design and light operation Diane Guerin
Video design and operation Eve Liot
Dramaturgical collaboration Marta Lança
Executive production En Votre Compagnie (Paris)
Co-production Teatro do Bairro Alto, Théâtre National de Bretagne
With the support of Roundabout.LX – Lisbon; Le 104 – Paris; La Colline, Theater National – Paris
Acknowledgments Catherine Blondeau, Edgar de Oliveira, Marta Angelozzi, Ana Maria Akau, Marisa Chinak, Bick Yuen Chinak, Joaquim Abreu, José Cam Fok, Vitor Vargilal, Francisco de Oliveira, Filomena Coutinho and Francisca Bagulho

Paralysed for too long in the limbo where History placed him, Victor de Oliveira creates an onstage narrative mosaic that follows the intimate story of a mixed-race man born in Mozambique. Between autofiction and social fiction, he questions the reasons for historical denial, the quarrels of collective memory, the experiences of growing up undefined.

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