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21 September - 23 October
OSSO Colectivo

Invasor Abstrato #4 – Archive

Invasor Abstracto #4 – Osso Colectivo

21 September - 23 October

21 September | 7am (Public launch of the online plataform)
Free Entry at

Conception Matilde Meireles, Nuno Morão, Nuno Torres, Pedro Tropa, Ricardo Jacinto and Rita Thomaz

Collaboration David Mateus, David Jacinto, Teresa santos, Tiago Abelha and Vasco Pita 

Co-production OSSO and Teatro do Bairro Alto

OSSO is financed by República Portuguesa – Cultura | Direção-Geral das Artes

Over a period of five weeks, OSSO Collective will inhabit TBA and its periphery with a sound installation, including three performances and accompanied by an online archive. These moments introduce three episodes of this invader’s occupation narrative, articulating several trajectories between four distant geographical points: TBA (Lisbon), OSSO (São Gregório, Caldas da Rainha), the rural landscape of Wiltshire (United Kingdom) and an online archive-place.

Public launch of the website, an active and dynamic archive space that reveals and exposes the collective creation process, which begins with the preparation period of the Project and continues during the Invader’s occupation of the TBA.

On this day there will also be an online audio-visual event, live-streamed from the OSSO studios in Aldeia de São Gregório, Caldas da Rainha.

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