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07 - 08 May
Josefa Pereira


Bestiário PINK

07 - 08 May

Saturday and Sunday at 6pm

Pass available for the three performances

This performance uses strobe lightning

Bestiário PINK
Price Single price 7€
Bestiário PINK Pass 18€
Main Auditorium
Length 35min

Age restriction:


Concept and performance Josefa Pereira
Light design Agatha Cigarra
Sound design Josefa Pereira in collaboration with Luís Moreira and Vinny Jones
Technical operation Luís Moreira
Props Harco Haagsma and Udo Akemann
Collaborators Aves Liberta, Daniel Lühmann, Elisabete Finger, Maura Grimaldi, Natália Mendonça, Patrícia Bergantin and Taygoara Schiavinoto Moura Ramos
Producer Carolina Goulart
Residency EM TRÂNSITO – Temps d’Images, Estúdios Victor Córdon, Musibéria, Forum Dança, Casa da Dança and DAS Graduate School (AHK)

Part of the creation process of Calor occured during in the context of a study done at DAS Choreography (AHK), with support from Fundação Gulbenkian

Access conditions

  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask inside the building before, during and after the sessions
  • Disinfect hands and adopt proper respiratory hygiene
  • Keep a safe distance and avoid crowding people
  • Bring your ticket from home or, if you really need to buy the ticket at TBA, choose contactless payment by debit card or MBway.
  • At entrances and exits, follow the recommendations of the TBA team

Glimpse is a brief and partial view, or a slight and momentary appearance of something. An image escaping. In this piece, I invent a dispositive that creates a tension between the right and left side of the body it activates. From this dizzying and rhythmic machinery, polarities are generated and agitated: continuity and interruption, mobility and stillness, visibility and invisibility, verticality and horizontality, as a space for friction and for deviation through the gaps and cracks.

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