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26 - 27 May
Amanda Piña

Danza y Frontera


26 - 27 May

thursday and friday 7.30pm

In Spanish with Portuguese subtitles for deaf people

Price 12€
under 25 years old: 5€
Main Auditorium
Length 70min

Age restriction:


horeography and direction Amanda Piña
Choreography and transmission Rodrigo de la Torre Coronado
Research  Alma Quintana, Juan Carlos Palma Velasco, Alberto Montes e Paula Chaves
Interpretation Rodrigo de la Torre Coronado, Matteo Marziano Graziano, Daphna Horenczyk, Dafne del Carmen Moreno, Mariê Mazzer, Cristina Sandino, Juan Carlos Palma Velasco, Lina María Venegas e Jhonatan Magaña García
Dramaturgy Nicole Haitzinger
Theoretical research Nicole Haitzinger e Amanda Piña
Music Christian Müller
Live percussion Jhonatan Magaña Garcia
Light Victor Duran
Vídeo Danza de Conquista Amanda Piña e estudio el gozo, 2018; Living in the Borderlands, Susana Ojeda e estudio el gozo, 2018; Indians and Moors, excerto vídeo de espetáculo – versão de palco, 2019; Borderlands, estudio el gozo, excerto vídeo do espetáculo, versão de palco, 2019.
Costumes  La mata del veinte / Julia Trybula
Documentary photos and video Susana Ojeda, Hubert Marz – estudio el gozo
Production nadaproductions
Touring production Something Great
Coproduction Tanzquartier Wien
Apoios Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs in Vienna, Austrian Chancellery (BKA), ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, Austrian Embassy in Mexico, Mexican Embassy in Austria, Escuela Nacional De Danza Folklorica de Mexico, Diplomado Como Encender un Fosforo – Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA), Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC) e Museo Universitario del Chopo
Photography Hubert Marz – estudio el gozo

Access conditions

  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask inside the building before, during and after the sessions
  • Disinfect hands and adopt proper respiratory hygiene
  • Keep a safe distance and avoid crowding people
  • Bring your ticket from home or, if you really need to buy the ticket at TBA, choose contactless payment by debit card or MBway.
  • At entrances and exits, follow the recommendations of the TBA team
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Danza y Frontera is inspired by a dance that arose along the border between Mexico and the USA. It returns to a pre-Hispanic form of dance that is powerfully actualized today and can be understood as a form of resistance. This border choreography resonates with the voices of all art forms that have been and are disregarded by and excluded from the Western canon.

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