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22 - 23 May
Rizoma Cooperativa Integral and Hugo Dunkel


Performing Arts

22 - 23 May

Saturday and Sunday 10.30AM

Performing Arts
Price Single price 7€
3 Assembleias Polémicas-Poéticas Ticket 15€
Main Auditorium
Length 2h

During three uninterrupted weeks, the PARASITA collective presents Curadura, a diversified programme with the involvement and presence of artists, thinkers and gelatinous Kombucha disks and other bacteria, to comprehensively imagine theatre as a public space of social responsibility. Curadura alternates a continuous artistic residency with a series of Assembleias Polémicas-Poéticas on the weekends and moments called Fogo/Fricção during the week, in which the research and practices of the residency are open to visitation.

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