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17 April
Ana Longoni

Archives of the Common: Red Conceptualismos del Sur

Histories of Experimentalism

17 April

Saturday 17th April 3PM

Streaming available through this webpage and our social media channels
In Spanish without subtitles

Histories of Experimentalism
Length 1h30

With the support of: Centro de Estudos de Teatro and Instituto Cervantes. CET is financed by national funds through FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology.

Since 2019, the Histories of Experimentalism series has revealed unique studies about key-moments of experimentalism in the performing arts between the 1960’s and today. Structured transnationally, the series encompasses various contexts, seeking to question dramaturgic and aesthetic contaminations. In April, we will look into case studies of archives and what can be construed from their content as “common”, as a form of collective belonging to the past (which is always multiple and contested). This is followed by a conference that will analyse institutions, for it is through these that a number of concrete political, aesthetic and existential practices are transmitted.

Ana Longoni is a writer, researcher at CONICET and professor. He specializes in the intersections between art and politics in Argentina and Latin America from the mid-20th century to the present day. She has been a promoter of the Red Conceptualismos del Sur since its inception in 2007. Since 2018 she is Director of the Department of Public Activities and the Study Center of the Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid).


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Red Conceptualismos del Sur is a collective work platform created in 2007, which today brings together people dispersed throughout Latin America and Europe, assuming an active stance in the face of a series of signals that alert to the deactivation and commercialization of the critical power of a series of poetic and political experiments that occurred from the 1960’s onwards, and a desire to create alternative forms of reactivating them. This network understands research as an affective and political approach to the processes it investigates, a commitment to its ability to somewhat challenge and influence present conditions, seeking to preserve documental foundations in their original contexts, instead of socializing them.


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