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16 June
Felipe Ribeiro

A Erótica do Explícito

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16 June

wednesday june 16 6pm

Price Free Entry
Sala Manuela Porto
Length 30 min.

Felipe Ribeiro is a visual artist, independent curator and Associate Professor of the Dance Studies M.A. and Dance Undergrad Programs at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His background in experimental filmmaking, has led him towards his current research that assembles durational performance and land art. He is also one of the founders and artistic directors of Atos de Fala – an international festival dedicated to speech and performance that happens since 2011 in Rio de Janeiro

Based on the erotics of Brazilian post-feminist funk music, this lecture-performance comments, and deliberately acts upon video footage and music. While the material is live-edited together, Felipe Ribeiro attempts to perceive what kind of epistemics the performativity of female funk singers builds in, as well as its impact on Rio de Janeiro’s queer scene. In Brazil, Funk balls are known for their traditional chauvinism. Hence my interest in excessively obscene lyrics and vigorous gestures that both women and queer men enact to confront the logics that for so long have objectified them.



Due to the traveling conditions between Brazil and Portugal, this conference was cancelled. We are working towards a new presentation in September or October.

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