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In Place of a Show byAugusto Corrieri


What happens inside a theater when nothing happens? This conference-performance diverts attention from the human element, focusing on the buildings themselves: theaters stripped of their primary function, empty, preserved as museums or demolished. Perhaps the art of theatrical performance can be better understood by paying attention to seemingly insignificant events: a swallow flying in an auditorium in Italy; the volutes of dust in the place where a theater was demolished in London; the darkness that fills the auditoriums when the show ends.

(Almost) TBA at CAB Centro Coreográfico Lisboa – Fundação Maria Magdalena de Mello

video: Sara Morais and Pedro Gancho
narration: Maria Ana Freitas
recordings: Fisga Studio
thanks: Isabel Assunção and Rainha Dona Leonor School Group / EB1 Bairro São Miguel

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