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Don’t let me be lost to you by Ian Nagoski


At the end of the 19th century, the United States of America received several communities from the Middle East. The New York music industry quickly became a disseminator of musical cultures brought by people from present-day Turkey, Syria, Armenia, Lebanon, Egypt and Greece. At this conference, archivist and researcher Ian Nagoski retrieves the stories and musical fragments of two generations of these communities, exposing the social reality of a nation of immigrants that requires only a few people to be remembered, while others are forgotten.

(Almost) TBA at CAB Centro Coreográfico Lisboa – Fundação Maria Magdalena de Mello

making and video editing: Sara Morais and Pedro Gancho
voiceover: Maria Ana Freitas
audio recording: Fisga Studio
production: Teatro do Bairro Alto
thanks: Scratchbuilt, Nuno Morão, Tiago Martins

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