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Dito e Feito #30 Patrícia Robalo conversa com Catarina Botelho e David Guéniot sobre Lisboa: olhares fotográficos


Architect Patrícia Robalo talks with Catarina Botelho, artist, and David Guéniot, editor, about the series they have been carrying out at TBA since 2019, in which views and representations of the city are discussed by photographers, urban planners, architects, artists and city dwellers , contributing to the constitution of an editorial project about the city of Lisbon today. Through contemporary photography, these  encounters are about looking at the city in what it is (or was) on a daily basis, so that, from that look (and questioning that look), be then able to think.

sound post-production: Sara Morais
original song from generic: Raw Forest
production: Teatro do Bairro Alto

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