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Dito e Feito #17 – Kaveh Sarvarian – Tons de Tombak


Kaveh Sarvarian accepted our invitation to create a new composition for one of the various instruments he plays: the tombak. Kaveh presents us with the resounding nuances of an instrument that incorporates an intricate technique involving hands, fingers and wrists: firm in their intention and flexible in their execution. Tons de Tombak is a piece for the tombak, which proliferates through processes or repetition, in a movement that articulates tradition with other ways of creating and understanding music.

Tons de Tombak is a composition created, performed, recorded and produced by Kaveh Sarvarian for the tombak and looper. Through a set-up that fuses the tombak, a central percussion instrument of classical Persian music, with pedals and effects, the voice of the instrument is multiplied, repeated and combined with itself. The tombak solo begins to form a group of instruments of the same family, a type of orchestra, allowing us to absorb the combination of various reverberations.

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