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Dito e Feito #15 – Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz – Olhos postos no tecto


This episode begins with a question: how can we illustrate a dance through sound? An invisible dance that attempts to describe itself in the first and second person. The words we use to illustrate the movements try to accompany the body but tend to command order and precision, to objectify, forcing a slowness and tameable monotony. In turn, movement tends to be mutable and anarchical, defying the attribution of a name.

At times the words graze the movements like stray bullets and all orientation is lost. Other times, the movements accumulate, waiting for the words: a tension that eventually explodes. And with the impossibility of accurate description, the words take on new meanings. And with the difficulty of being described, the movements forget the words and move forward, indomitable. Movement and words have different densities: one hits the floor with a thud, the others wander, hover and hesitate. In this episode, dance will inhabit the memory of those who hear it – a mental space where the listener is also the performer, translating words and sounds into mental images of moving bodies.

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