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Dito e Feito #03 Diana Policarpo


Shapeshifter brings together narratives and stories of theatre in the dark, exploring (and revealing) the way in which the idea of darkness is less constant, but rather conditioned by cultural, political and technological contingencies.
The empty stage, of theatre and light, reveals itself as a machine for learning, which absorbs and reconstructs its own past, tracing the invisible gestures and bodies that continue to disobey and unlearn with matter.
In this place of listening, this virtual place that combines the stage of enunciation and the place occupied by the listener’s body, Shapeshifter seeks to rescue the plurality of auditory pleasures and the intrigue of shadow and obscurity, opening, instead of hindering, a process of research.

The author recommends that this podcast be listened to with headphones and closed eyes.

Shapeshifter, 2019
Audio montage with samples, field recordings, modular synthesizers, percussion and loop station.
creation, voice and sound editing: Diana Policarpo
final editing: Sara Morais
studio: Fisga Studio
a Teatro do Bairro Alto commission
acknowledgements: Afonso Simões

Quoted authors:
1.Peter Brook, The Empty Space: A Book About the Theatre: Deadly, Holy, Rough, Immediate, 1995
2. Edward Hopper, Solitary figure in a theatre, 1903
3. Samuel Beckett, All That Fall, radio play first broadcast by BBC in 1957.
4.Adam Alston, Martin Welton; Theatre in the Dark, 2017
5. Jacques Attali, Noise: The Political Economy of Music, 1977

List of samples:
Sample 1
(02:53 – 03:00)
Recording in the space of a video by Bruce Nauman, Violent Incident, 1986

Sample 3
(11:50 – 12:30)
Samuel Beckett, All That Fall, BBC, 1956


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