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Dito e Feito #02 João Abreu, João Estevens e Mafalda Miranda Jacinto


In this audio piece, the listener is invited to embrace three short fictions taking place in a maybe abandoned theatre building caught in a moment of suspended time. The images of the past are still there, though a new future is about to arrive. Facts are merged with imaginary elements, storytelling techniques are mixed, and voice and sound are given to non-human elements that are usually overlooked by our daily human perception. By using field recordings, we develop three melancholic audio performances that are simultaneously autonomous and part of a single object.

For a more immersive experience use headphones.


Dito e Feito (Said and Done) is a podcast by Teatro do Bairro Alto in which saying is a way of doing, and vice-versa. Its frequency is irregular. So is its format.

created and performed by João Abreu, João Estevens and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
sound edition by Sara Morais
acknowledgments Augusto Corrieri
commissioned by Teatro do Bairro Alto


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