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(Almost) Teatro do Bairro Alto


(Almost) Teatro do Bairro Alto was a pre-opening program for this new Lisbon municipal theater that will open in 2019. It took place between 14 June and 7 July in five special locations in Lisbon: the Teatro da Politécnica, the CAB Centro Coreográfico from Lisbon, the Águas Livres Block, the Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras Reservoir and the Jean Monnet European Center. More than 1400 people attended intimate performances and conferences on-site and over the Internet.

a film by Sara Morais and Pedro Gancho
voiceover: Francisco Frazão
voiceover recording: Sara Morais
song: “Sood E, Sood E (It’s Fake, It’s Fake)” by Edward Bogosian, “Lookout” by Tom Parkinson and children from CED Nossa Senhora da Conceição – Casa Pia de Lisboa
graphics: Non-Verbal Club
production: Teatro do Bairro Alto

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