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19 June to 4 July 2018

The migratory experience, in its most varied facets and in the way in which it has given rise to policies of reception or exclusion, is a reality that we will be turning our attention to in the months of June and July. Based on the presentation of the plays Sanctuary, staged by the South African director Brett Bailey, and Provisional Figures: Great Yarmouth, by the stage director and filmmaker Marco Martins, we will be setting in motion our Migrations cycle.

Besides the organisation of a debate about the realities of the migratory experiences in European and African territories and a master class that will tell us all about the implementation of Migrant’scène, a theatre festival promoted by the community of activists and migrants living in Morocco, there will also be an online residency based on the research undertaken by Marco Martins, a partnership with RAUM, and artistic residences conducted both online and with the Fórum Migrações. In partnership with the Fórum dos Cidadãos, an association that seeks to activate forms of democratic participation, we will be inviting to the Fórum Migrações a group of 50 Lisbon inhabitants, chosen at random, to discuss and deliberate upon how we can best integrate migrants and refugees in Portugal. The question that will serve as a guideline for these encounters, set to take place in June and July, is: “What conditions must Portugal offer to those arriving in the country?” With their different experiences and social lives, this panel of citizens, who are intended to mirror the diversity of society, will be confronted with academic, political, economic and emotional opinions about the theme of migrations. Over the course of two weekends, the pros and cons will be weighed up, prejudices will be aired, and there will be a mixture of reason, fear, empathy and money. At the end, it is hoped that they will be able to advise us, producing considered and informed recommendations, without the vices of the political establishment or the immediacy of armchair opinions. The result of this process of deliberation will be broadcast on the Teatro Maria Matos weekly podcast.


Presentation in the scope of the Create to Connect network supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union

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