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Invasor Abstracto #4 – Osso Colectivo

Invasor Abstracto (Abstract Invader) is the nomadic expression of OSSO Colectivo and emerges from a creative flow shared in a network between six travelling artists. In this occupation of Teatro do Bairro Alto (TBA), the Abstract Invader will present itself as a fragmented body, dispersed, without a centre, distributed by different spaces and moments.

An online archive, several distant and circular spaces, a stage and a walk through the electromagnetic spectrum will define, in a fluid and multidimensional geography, the territory of this invader.

Over a period of five weeks, OSSO Collective will inhabit TBA and its periphery with a sound installation, including performances and an online archive. These moments introduce three episodes of this invader’s occupation narrative, articulating several trajectories between four distant geographical points: TBA (Lisbon), OSSO (São Gregório, Caldas da Rainha), the rural landscape of Wiltshire (United Kingdom) and an online archive-place.

This narrative has its beginning at the OSSO’s threshing floor, and it will be from there that we propose to travel towards these territories and, between them, establish a communicating network that will allow us to transfer or intersect sound and visual signals whose manifestation will constitute a symbolic, geometric and material mutation.

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