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Marvila Days

Teatro Maria Matos and Biblioteca de Marvila are neighbours, being situated in adjacent areas of the city, less than eight minutes from each other by car or train. For three days, they will join together to offer a cultural programme to the inhabitants of Marvila and Alvalade, and the whole city of Lisbon.

The programme includes shows for children both in the library’s auditorium and outdoors and a debut performance by a new children’s choir. Rui Catalão presents two plays that rely on the participation of the inhabitants of Marvila, Assembleia and E agora nós, and the Mala Voadora theatre company will once again perform their award-winning show Mozambique. There will also be exhibitions at Teatro Maria Matos and Biblioteca de Marvila, the presentation of the documentary Human by the French director Yann Arthus-Bertrand and the long-awaited re-edition of the Biblioteca Humana (Human Library) project. The Topias Urbanas project, which has been operating in Marvila for the past ten months, at the invitation of Teatro Maria Matos, organises walking tours, interventions and activities in the neighbourhoods of Marquês de Abrantes and Lóios.

How to get there? Marvila is just a step away! 
Marvila Library
Rua António Gedeão (junto à Escola Básica 2 e 3 de Marvila)
buses: 755, 759, 793, 794, 31B e 32B
trains: Marvila

Zona J/Casa Conveniente
Av. João Paulo II, Lote 536, 1-A, Bairro do Condado, Lisboa (Zona J de Chelas)
buses: 755, 759, 793, 794, 31B e 32B
trains: Chelas e Bela Vista

Connection Teatro Maria Matos – to Marvila by the CP urban train headed to Castanheira do Ribatejo (only on weekdays)

Days of Marvila general image was conceived by barbara says based on original images by Topias Urbanas
Maria Matos Teatro Municipal and Biblioteca Municipal de Marvila
co-production: Maria Matos Teatro Municipal and Programação em Espaço Público

Part of LISBOA NA RUA (more info here)


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