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Culture and the World’s Production: drifts, derivatives and what is to come

26 October to 30 November

We are living in a time in which global economy, multipolar cultural diversity and neoliberal ideology are shifting towards the rise of a new “paracolonial” (to use Aimé Césaire’s expression) paradigm which heralds the so-called “end of politics”. This unique interweaving of forces makes you think how the world – produced by the logic of free markets and their erratic drifts, virtual derivatives and power performances – requires the creation of alternatives. As a way of responding to the multipolar neoliberal world, with its reinvented cultural diversities and colonised cultural forces, a renewed alliance between political and cultural action is proposed, which is associated with thought and art and oriented towards the production of other ways of living. Above all, it is about being able to produce changes.
For this series of talks, we are inviting scholars, curators and artists whose work springs from the creation of new alliances between political philosophy, cultural studies, performance studies, as well as artistic and curatorial practices.

curator André Lepecki
a Maria Matos Teatro Municipal commission
A House on Fire project with the support of the Culture Program of the European Union


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