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Clube Espectador (Spectator Club)

Beyond witnessing or critiquing, the spectator finds herself subjected to other prescriptions: understanding, respecting, loving, hating, investing, bearing, rejecting, approaching… The Clube Espectador (Spectator Club) attempts to help manage the burden the spectator bears, but also contribute towards a lighter and freer relationship with the performance. Occurring irregularly but constantly, informal conversations are organized after a performance or another activity. 


25th September after the show 
Victor de Oliveira Limbo + Xavier de Sousa Pós-
At Sala Manuela Porto with José Maria Vieira Mendes

17th December after the show 
Mónica Calle
Caminho para a Meia-Noite
At Sala Manuela Porto with Maria Sequeira Mendes


At Rua das Gaivotas 6

12th November after the show 
Ana Libório
capturing |you| – political fictions of movement
At Rua das Gaivotas6 with Maria Sequeira Mendes and José Maria Vieira Mendes


Clube Espectador (Spectator Club)

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